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Welcome, fellow sex lovers ;)
Thanks for following, you like my blog photos? Also are you on adultfriendfinder or any site like that? I know you're taken but I love threesomes....28, 6ft, black hair, blue eyes, fit and in shape, a few tats, pierced nips, clean shaven and 9 inches.... lets play. .. :)

Why would you go anon!?!?! But no, I’m not on any of that. I have my man and he’s all I want and need ;)

My boyfriend has been gone for a week now…. This blog is coming in handy!!

I love your blog (: I've been following it for a while now on a different account. I got the nerve to try and start my own sex-blog. Help me promote it please? Stay beautiful!

Follow her!

awesome tumblr :> LIKE!

Thanks babe!

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minimum how much long penis, satisfy any girls in sex?

I’ve heard women can only feel the 1st three inches of a penis anyway… It’s all about girth. But in all honesty, it’s all about how you use it!

hi! I'm a 24 year old guy tht jst loved church so much, but lately i've changd frm being a church goer 2 a porn freak, i've only had sex once with a women older than me, i did not enjoy myself but there's this chick i want so much but i'm afraid of doing wrong while i've been so good in the eyes of the public, what can i do?

Just be yourself babe. I love Jesus and going to church, yet I run this blog :)

how often do u ursef have sex?

At least once a day

i like to hv sex but i didnt do it yet.. hw cn I do that

How do you know you like it if you haven’t done it yet?

Whats a sure shot sign that a girl / female/woman loves a male giving her oral sex.

Umm… Screaming uncontrollably, moaning, pulling at your hair, grabbing the bed…. ???